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Restaurant Gina Pula

Restaurant Gina Pula has a small number of tables and a beautiful view of the sea as well as Camp Stoja. With us, everything starts with a fresh offer of local Istrian dishes and the rich natural flavors of our grandfathers’ wines. Allow us to suggest you the best dishes and the tastiest wines in our daily offer.

The daily menu depends on local producers who bring us fresh products every day – fishermen and farmers


Our family story

Our love towards food and the characteristic Istrian way of life dates back to the late 1800s.

My great-great-grandfather Frane lived as a breeder of Istrian cattle (Boškarina, horses) and a producer of his own products,and thus , during the Italian era his son Giovanni (Ive) opened his own spacio (agritourism). After the capitulation of Italy, he opened his own oštaria- ´cafe´ in Pula, where love towards food already became a tradition, where my mother Gina helped from the early age of 12. During socialism, she was working in the Gorica restaurant, where in 1969. she decided to continue the family tradition and opens the Gina buffet.

The jubox played singles brought by sailors and distant workers. On colder days, simple dishes were served (prosciutto, cheese, salted sardines), while warmer days were reserved for the inevitable outdoor charcoal grill.

In 1982, mom Gina buries down her roots in a new place where we are still today. My mother Gina has always been oriented towards the best local food. She always insisted on buying fresh food from her friends in the surrounding villages.

From the hospital, instead of going to the nursery room, they took me to the kitchen of the Gina buffet, where I started to learn and soon do everything that is necessary. 20 years ago, to the smallest detail we redesigned the ambiance of the restaurant ourselves. So many memories are preserved in one place, laughter, reunions, celebrations. Many touching moments marked the place that today carries the name Oštaria Gina.

We always try to provide our guests the best quality and the most pleasant service. Share your experience and taste the long-standing tradition of the best traditional Istrian dishes and try wines made the old-fashioned way.